[:de]Call For Application – Scaling up European Deeptech Startups: Deadline 30 March 2018[:]

[:de] Who we are: 
Scale EUp² is an Acceleration Program, financed under the Horizon 2020 framework, committed to help Deep Tech startup accelerate their development and scale up at European level.
Scale EUp² is led by 4 innovation hubs from Germany, France, Austria and Spain, working together to identify high potential Deep Tech startups.
The Scale EUp² Program aims to support European Deep Tech startups to:
• Accelerate growth
• Cooperate with major European corporates
• Raise funds from European investors
• Attract public funding for their innovation and R&D projects
• Attract talents, reinforce their skills and strategy
• Get higher visibility

Deeptech4Good#Paris is the first business event of the Scale EUp² Acceleration Program. The four winners of this event will have the opportunity to have access to this 2 year Acceleration Program.

Targeted Markets:


Why apply to Deeptech4good#Paris ?

You are a Deep Tech startup developing disruptive technologies targeting one or several of the above markets?
Become one of the 20 finalists of the Deeptech4good #Paris event:

  • Pitch your project, meet European VCs and attract private funding,
  • Meet corporate players and create business opportunities,
  • Participate to collaborative projects emergence and attract public funding for innovation and R&D projects
  • Participate to the Scale EUp² Program if you are among the 4 final winners

Next steps
Closing of application: March 30th
Announcement of the 20 finalists : April 23th
Date of the event: July 11th // Venue: Paris City Hall

Selection Criteria

• Value proposition
• Disruptiveness of the technology
• The quality of the team
• The economic potential of the technology

Apply to Deeptech4good #Paris

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