lixtec – Light only when it is needed!

The necessity to save energy is a matter of course in everyday life. At night, however, thousands of kilometers are illuminated on our roads, regardless of the volume of traffic. Comfort and safety do not require permanent lighting, but rather a solution that provides light dynamically and precisely. lixtec – a subsidiary of the Silicon Alps partner meds – has addressed this problem. Lixtec offers lighting control based on radar sensor technology for street lighting. Every LED street light can be transformed into an intelligent, demand-oriented light. 


The radar sensor emits electromagnetic waves with a certain frequency. If the signal hits an immobile body – such as a tree – it is reflected at the same frequency. However, if a person or vehicle moves towards or away from the sensor, the frequency of the reflected signal increases or decreases. The sensor registers this change as movement and then switches on the light. The radar sensor has a range of up to 100m. 

Microelectronics with great effect

With the sensors from lixtec, a significant contribution can be made to the decrease of CO2 emissions as well as a significant reduction of light pollution, thus ensuring that people and nature enjoy a peaceful sleep during the quiet night hours. Artificial light influences the orientation and activity of the animal world and thus has an effect on nutrition, predator-prey relationship, reproduction, communication, migration movements and resting phases. Special attention must be paid to sensitive habitats such as dry meadows, wetlands, water bodies, forest edges and generally protected areas. This is where the diversity of species and thus the potential danger from artificial light is greatest. 

Particularly in the case of residential streets, footpaths, cycle paths and parks, the frequency of use at night is very often so low that conventional luminaires are in full-load operation for a large part of the time without any demand, thus wasting vast amounts of energy uselessly. The calculations and experience values of lixtec have shown an energy saving potential of about 60% compared to conventional LED street lighting without sensor technology. For a city like Graz, with 25.000 light points, this results in a CO2 saving of 652 tons of CO2 per year1. 

The goal must be to create lighting conditions without unnecessarily brightening the environment, without unnecessarily disturbing the animal world, without wasting unnecessary energy. With its sensor solutions lixtec wants to achieve an increase in energy efficiency and thus contribute to an ecologically and economically sustainable energy supply. 

High-end sensor technology - made in Styria

Lixtec has received several awards, most recently at the Energy Globe Styria Award 2019 in the category worldwide. This year the lixtec team can be pleased about a nomination for the Energy Globe Austria Award. This makes Lixtec one of the best sustainable projects in Austria. The hardware and software of the sensor technology was developed entirely at the company’s headquarter in Graz and is therefore “Made in Styria”. The lixtec team did not let the time with Corona pass by unused and developed a new product – – a true plug&play solution. The new solution is – with the same functionality – much more compact, easier to mount and cheaper for the end customer.