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Unterstützung des Partnerökosystems bei der Bekämpfung des eklatanten Arbeitskräftemangels

“In times of digitalization and Industry 4.0, education is of ever increasing importance for both SMEs and large industrial enterprises.

The digital transformation in Austria can only be successfully implemented if the necessary qualifications and competences are taught and a suitable environment is created. For this reason, this is one of the central core themes of the Silicon Alps Cluster.

Carinthia and Styria have, on one hand a high technological competence with possible fields of activity in the automotive, mobility, energy & environment, smart products, IoT, smart production and health technology sectors, and on the other hand, an excellent educational and research landscape with universities, technical colleges and numerous research institutions – such as Joanneum Research and Carinthian Tech Research. In addition, there are many other educational opportunities, such as higher technical colleges, commercial academies and the Technical Academy for Apprenticeships. These framework conditions – supplemented by the internationally active leading companies and SMEs – offer a good starting point for international careers.


The aim of the core topic in HR & Training is to increase the international visibility of the location and within the defined fields of technology. In the long term, Silicon Alps would like to establish the Southern Austrian region as an internationally recognized top training location in the fields of electronics/microelectronics and MINT, thereby supporting the partner ecosystem in combating the shortage of skilled workers.

Silicon Alps aims to increase the perception of the industry among young talents and to increase the number of students in the relevant branches of education through targeted measures. In addition, Silicon Alps wants to give MINT professions more weight again and raise awareness about them among children and pupils of all schools and age groups. Within the framework of the cluster’s location development, the visibility of the Southern Austrian region is to be strengthened and increased both nationally and internationally in order to attract high potentials to Carinthia and Styria.

“With this in mind, Silicon Alps would like to contribute to raise and strengthen awareness of MINT professions and MINT training, from the teaching profession to attending a higher technical college to a relevant course of study, in all relevant environments”.

In addition to the multitude of technical study opportunities, there are numerous specializations based on these fields. In addition to the high-quality courses of study and training for students, Carinthia and Styria also offer graduates many job opportunities with a high level of technological competence.

A further goal of the Focus Group is to create understanding for technology and awareness among all relevant target groups and to combine existing initiatives. Further measures include cooperation with existing organisations and initiatives, the organisation of events to impart knowledge and raise awareness, and participation in recruiting events.


The measures to achieve the goals are developed and defined together with the Cluster Focus Group “Specialists for the Digital Future”, and are also promoted and implemented by the participants of the Focus Group. The aim of the group itself, through all existing initiatives in the region, is to create an overarching additional benefit in order, on the one hand, to further develop the location of South Austria and, on the other hand, to promote young talents in the region and to attract them to the region.


  • Josef Ortner, Ortner Reinraumtechnik
  • Hubert Berger, FH Joanneum – Stmk.
  • Heinz Cramer, LAM Research – Ktn.
  • Peter Caldera, Intel – Ktn.
  • René Hörtner, AT&S – Stmk.
  • Ronald Kaindlbauer, Edler HR-Management – Stmk.
  • Eduard Lackner, NXP – Stmk.
  • Harald Mayer, Joanneum Research – Stmk.
  • Gernot Mödritscher, Alpen-Adria-Universität – Ktn.
  • Maria Pollai-Schlintl, Infineon – Ktn.
  • Emanuel Rothmayr, Comprei – Ktn.
  • Martina Sebastian, KWF – Ktn.
  • Sabine Seidler, eb-Projektmanagement – Ktn.
  • Johannes Sturm, Fachhochschule Kärnten – Ktn.
  • Christian Vogel, FH Joanneum
  • Johannes Wolkerstorfer, xFace Johannes Wolkerstorfer – Ktn.
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