Arena for Linking Partners Strengths (A.L.P.S.) – Getting prepared for 2022

Lightening the A.L.P.S.

#Smart Future #Energy Transition #Delivering Sustainability #Industrial Digital Transformation

It has been a great pleasure to meet our partners again! On September 28th we experienced a premiere for our new one-day project development and innovation event format called “Light up the A.L.P.S”. This represents the start of our Innovation & Technology Yearly Cycle: getting inspiration and input, as well as working on topics for coming year.

On September 28th the picturesque Lakesidespitz in Klagenfurt turned out into a lively arena for all current and new topics and teams of the cluster focus groups:

Founded three to four years ago, the four Silicon Alps cluster focus groups RFID, Smart Systems and Systems Integration, Cleanroom & Technology and Cyber Security bring together experts from industry and science on EBS topics of high relevance for the region. They represent one key Silicon Alps cluster tool to initiate and enhance the cooperation for outstanding innovation in the field of Electronics Based Systems.

The program included of a keynote part (hybrid) and a physical workshop part

[Keynotes] Let´s talk about pillars for the future and its transformation  

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[On site] Creating 2022 on the technology tables                   

After the input on key trends and European funding for project applications, as well as constructive and hands-on discussion with our speakers and cooperation partners, the cluster focus groups focused in the afternoon on topics for 2022 on 6 different technology tables: RFID; clean room, smart systems (green electronics, predictive maintenance), AI & cybersecurity and “New Topics”. Particularly new focal points, use cases and concrete project ideas future cooperation were explored. The elaborated contents were shared with whole audience during so-called ambassadors’ pitches.

The list of new focal points and ideas below is not exhaustive. In the next weeks we will carefully analyse the discussions and contact you with ideas again.

Gladly some hints below:

Focus required on:

  • Resilient, secure, and trustworthy devices and systems EDGE (AI on Edge, Edge on the system level)
  • Power electronics
  • Energy efficiency
  • IoT (software / infrastructures)
  • Measurement Technology

Selected Use case-based cooperation Ideas:

  • Cooperative development of smart solutions for car access / car sharing, logistics (smart shelves, smart mill buckets), medicine and AAL use cases – RFID / NFC table
  • Experience exchange on how to make products and production smarter by means of analysis methods (including AI based anomaly detection) and technologies and processes at the system level (Edge lor local intelligence, handling of data, standards) – predictive maintenance table
  • Project idea for circular economy with consideration of the entire supply chain (recycle-reuse-repair) – Green electronics table
  • Project idea: cleanroom toilet, eventually with the involvement of students- cleanroom technology table
  • “Technology looks for application field” Challenges in the Silicon Alps Innovation platform – “new topics” table

We identified a high potential for cross-fertilization of interests across CFGs and cooperation as result of the interaction in the event: for instance, predictive maintenance represents a key topic for IIoT in general and for the cleanroom environments in particular; NFC represents a useful technology for circular economy; the link RFID-Security is necessary. These are only some of the examples.

We are looking forward to more in-depth discussion within our cluster focus groups during autumn. Coming soon!

**Credits: Fotos Johannes Puch. Video: Silicon Alps