An awesome innovation: MARY – the smart vital monitor for kids

As a parent you always want the best for your little ones. With MARY you obtain a smart little friend which helps you to take perfect care of those you love the most, especially during difficult times. Be informed about the wellbeing of your children whenever you want; if they fall ill, suffer of chronic disease or if it would simply make you feel more comfortable to know about their breathing, temperature and body-movement.

MARY is a helper for parents and children. She is there to look after your children whenever is needed. This smart wearable was designed to keep track of the most relevant vital data of your children in a gentle and loving way.

MARY looks like a cute little ladybird and contains high-end sensors that are able to track body-temperature, breathing and body-movement. It is not the intention to surveil your children but moreover to help them communicate how they are. This way parents do not have to hover over their loved ones once they get ill and suffer for example breathing abnormalities (i.e. apnea), chronic disease, fever episodes etc. Mom and dad can remain at peace knowing that they have a companion to look after their children.

MARY uses data transmission via medically acknowledged Bluetooth Low Energy (between sensor and relay-charging-station) and then forwards the information through the GSM-net (2G) to the cloud server which communicates with the sticklett smart-phone app. Alerts can be given as soon as irregularities appear.

Be calm and relaxed – when your child falls ill.

If your child is not feeling well, breathing is always the first vital sign that becomes irregular. Since MARY will notify you immediately when the respiratory rate leaves the normal range, you can react right away – without constantly having to monitor yourself.

The immune system of the person develops until the age of ten.  Infants in particular suffer often from

  • temperature surges,
  • infections,
  • apnea and respiratory diseases,

MARY’s sensors and sophisticated algorithms monitor your child’s breathing and temperature – reliably and throughout the night.

She is a little lucky charm for the whole family!

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