AGILE AUSTRIA CONFERENCE 2018 – The Future of Agile


From 17th to 18th of May 2018 Graz will be characterized by the international agile community under the motto ‚The Future of Agile‘


About 17 years ago the term “agile” was found for a group of methods, principles, and practices. This was not too long ago. The broader industries began about 10 years ago to show interest in agile methods. Considering this, at the moment it might more actual to ask “what is agility”?

But a driver of humanity and economy was and always will be curiosity. How many inventions would have not been made, if nobody would have asked about what comes next? How many inefficient ways of working would have continued, if nobody would have asked for simplification? How many tools would have remained unhandy, if nobody would have asked for usability. Change for better often comes from curiosity. Hence, the Agile Austria Conference 2018 has the motto



Although the way towards agility for many has not been gone completely, yet, we still are curious about what comes next? What will be the future of our working environments? What can be accomplished with agility and how to go from there? How does agility connect to related topics such as digitization?

Lets ask these questions and answer them together. With the accompanying topics “Agile Transitions” and “Technical Excellence” we dare a look into the future. The keynote speakers Jurgen Appelo and Boris Gloger will present us their ideas. With many other speakers, and you as participant, reviewer, sponsor, or speaker we will have a magnificent and forward-looking event.

Become part of our team, and contribute to the success of this magnificent conference.

Agile greetings, Dr. Wolfgang Richter (Agile CEO von JIPP.IT, CLT, in the name of the organizers

Details, programme and tickets please find here.

When: 17th to 18th of May 2018

Wirtschaftskammer Steiermark,
Körblergasse 111-113,
8010 Graz