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In today’s dynamic times, industrial sectors in particular are confronted with a wide variety of challenges. On the one hand, the industry is looking at shortages of skilled workers in MINT occupations, and on the other hand, at the demographic change in the age structure of its skilled workers. In order to fulfil future tasks in the best possible way, companies are required to continuously make their specialists further qualified and to promote the exchange of experience among one another. This gives them a decisive knowledge advantage over other regions/companies.

With the introduction of a Learning Platform, relevant knowledge and competences within the Ecosystem Cluster can be imparted in order to strengthen South Austria’s competitiveness and innovation in the long term.


The overall objective of introducing the Learning Platform is: to create added value and impart relevant knowledge and competences within the cluster ecosystem. Added value for the cluster’s cooperating partners, added value for the internal cluster focus groups. Use of the Learning Platform is therefore understood to be a valuable service for both internal and external cluster stakeholders. To generate this added value, the primary objective is based on the following three pillars:

Methodology & learning content

At present, blended learningis selected as the most effective learning form for the platform. Blended learning refers to an educationally worthwhile combination of traditional face-to-face events with modern and up-to-date online training. In addition to traditional face-to-face seminars, online training will also be used. This includes web-based training, educational videos and virtual classrooms (webinars). In the e-learning industry, it is increasingly noticeable that online and face-to-face learning are following the trend of immersive technology, namely by the use of virtual, augmented and mixed reality as well as 360° videos.

This chosen mix of methods is based on three cornerstones: adaptive, constructiveand collaborative.

The long-term objective is to make in-depth knowledge and optimally prepared learning content available to the cluster. It therefore makes sense for the repertoire to include topics that are focal points for existing cluster focus groups. Content such as digital transformation and soft skills (e.g. project management and quality management) will also be covered.

Stronger networking of the community by means of mutual knowledge exchange is a key element, and a unique advantage that the learning platform offers. One cooperating partner’s specialist knowledge can then help another cooperating partner in their daily business. This exchange will provide significant support in the development of a network of experts, thereby strengthening the network’s competences (Expert Exchange).

The Academy is scheduled to start in 2019.

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In order to appropriately draw attention to the subject of digitalisation, which is vital to Austria’s position as a business location, and to survive on the global market it is crucial that we join forces. The microelectronic cluster Styria-Carinthia adds momentum to the region of southern Austria, helping to raise competitiveness, increase the attractiveness of the business location, in particular for national and international talent and to strengthen the universities and research facilities.

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