58. Digitaldialog | Summer Special: Digitization of SME’s

58th Digital Dialog | Summer Special: Digitization of SME’s

Digitisation is also an important competitive factor for small and medium-sized enterprises. That’s what the 58th Digital dialogue showed, said the ‘Kleine Zeitung’ clearly.

These are urgent words that Hans Lercheraddressed to his audience. “Don’t oversleep the topic,” warns the innovation pioneer and course director (“innovation management”) about views of digitisation. “Everything that can be digitally networked will be networked.” At least “once a year”, a company should therefore “open its radar screen” and take an intensive look at the upheavals in and around the industry.

The addressees of Lercher’s words were mainly representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises. 60 of them met high above the roofs of Graz in the skyroom of the Styria Media Center.

Hans Lercher opened with, before intensively discussing the effects of digitization on the business model, a strategic orientation or marketing in station operation.

A sentence from Lercher was remembered throughout the entire evening: “It’s not a good strategy to bury your head in the sand.” At the same time, however, digitisation should not be demonised. For SMEs in particular, this concept would bring not only a number of challenges but also many opportunities.

Hans Lercher, who also developed the “Big Picture” innovation model, sees great opportunities in “regionalisation and personalisation”. The latter is based on the skillful collection and evaluation of large amounts of data (big data). Lercher’s final advice: “You don’t have to digitize with all your might. Do so where it’s smart.”