$50.000 EU Funding Possibilities for SMEs in the Project “KET for Clean Production”

To remain competitive, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)  acting in the field of manufacturing industries in Europe need to strengthen their innovative capacity through the use of key technologies (KET).

In the future, SMEs will increasingly integrate clean, energy- and material-efficient production processes into their processes. Renewable raw materials are being used to optimize production processes and increasingly sustainable business models have been introduced. The EU-funded KET4CleanProduction (KET4CP) project helps SMEs overcome the sustainability, innovation and competitiveness challenges of new production processes through the use of KETs.

The KET4CleanProduction project aims to make it easier for SMEs to access KET technologies. An SME and at least 2 KET Technology Centers (KET TCs) can jointly develop parts of these KET technologies in a project lasting up to 6 months. Research will be funded by the KET4CleanProduction project, up to € 50,000 per SME.

If you are interested,  Dipl. Ing. Daniele Cozzi, M.Sc. (JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH, MATERIALS) would also be happy to visit you and give you more information about the project and its opportunities.

Contact Data: +43 660 4129554, E-Mail: daniele.cozzi@joanneum.at