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Health Technology - intelligent, networked, reliable and personalized

The technological advances of Electronics-Based Systems, new materials, the Internet of Things, Intelligent Computing and Big Data, as well as the societal challenges in the industrialised world (such as ageing societies, individualisation and pluralisation of lifestyles) have already redefined many technical diagnostics, human monitoring, analytics and Healthy Aging solutions.

As early as 2016 there was a high demand on the part of the Silicons Alps cooperation partners for an intensive discussion of the following questions:

  • How is the medical technology industry in Carinthia and Styria reacting to an increasingly mobile and highly personalised health and care sector?
  • How can the added value, competitiveness, innovation performance and international visibility of the field in Carinthia and Styria be increased?
  • How can the attractiveness of the field for training and career choice be increased through sustainable development measures in the field of health technology?


In 2017, the two clusters “Silicon Alps” and “ Styria” initiated the “Health Technology” control group to efficiently address the core topic of Electronics Based Systems in Medicine and Active and Healthy Aging (kick-off control workshop on June 27th, 2017, WILD Group, Völkermarkt, Executive Sponsor – WILD Electronics Managing Director Wolfgang Warum).


  • Increasing the visibility of the companies among each other
  • Development of future cooperation opportunities within the group


In the Kick-Off workshop, the focus concentrated on getting to know the technological core competencies and fields of application. Expectations about action fields and measures were sounded out. On Jan. 1st, 2018 the second strategy workshop of the group took place at the FH Joanneum. The meeting focused on deepening mutual knowledge, setting thematic priorities and planning joint measures for 2018 and 2019. Those who participated in the discussions: Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), AT&S, Carinthian Tech Research (CTR), Infineon Technologies Austria, JOANNEUM RESEARCH, FH JOANNEUM, FH Kärnten, TU Graz, the WILD Group, Wild High Precision.

Regarding the 2018 annual theme “Wearables (Consumer Electronics)”, for example, knowledge-building and network-building activities will be carried out.


  • Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) ( Styria Clusterpartner)
  • FH Kärnten
  • AT&S
  • CNSystems Medizintechnik ( Styria Clusterpartner)
  • Carinthian Tech Research (CTR)
  • Ortner Reinraumtechnik
  • PAYER Medical ( Styria Clusterpartner))
  • TU Graz
  • Wild
  • Wild Hi-Precision

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Wir sind seit dem Beginn des Silicon Alps Clusters Partner bzw. Gesellschafter. Der Cluster hat das hohe Niveau der Elektronik- und Mikroelektronikbranche der Region international bekannt gemacht. Dadurch wurde die Region als Investitionsland gestärkt und gleichzeitig die Unternehmen für internationale geschäftliche Beziehungen aufgewertet.

Thomas Reisinger
Vorstand für Operations, Infineon Technologies Austria

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