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Cluster Focus Groups: Recognize problems, develop proposals for solutions

Graz University of Technology, and in particular the Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications (IAIK), is a heavyweight in the field of cyber security in southern Austria. 50 researchers work at the Institute with Formal Methods, Secure Crypto-implementations, Secure e-Government and Trustworthy Systems. These include cryptography, e-Identity, trusted computing, RFID security, secure hardware implementations of cryptographic algorithms, side channel analysis, network security, and formal methods for design and verification. In addition to research and teaching, the experts are also available as consultants in the above-mentioned matters.

On an economic level, numerous companies in the field of cyber security have established themselves in this environment and are working together in the Cluster Focus Group towards a common goal.


…to promote and strengthen the visibility of existing competencies in the area of security both internally and externally.


During the CFG Meetings in 2017, the following activities were defined for 2018:

  1. INDUSTRY WEEK: Following the example of KU Leuven, an international event with industry training is to be organised within the framework of the Security Summer School for all companies and interested parties who do not have access to a security department. The Industry Week takes place on Monday and Tuesday, there are social events together with the students participating in the Security Summer School. The format will be established overall as Graz Security Week.
  2. SECURITY SUMMER SCHOOL: Following the example of last year’s IAIK Spring School, an academic training session will take place in the week of September 3rd toSept. 7th in Styria. The cluster supports in organisation, branding and sponsoring.
  3. ASK THE EXPERTS: as an addition to existing events, the CFG agrees to be present twice a year at events of other event series, other institutions or clusters and to be available as a panel of experts for questions in the field of security. It is explicitly not a series of events of its own, but is intended to contribute to awareness raising at other events and enabling the topic to be disseminated in other circles. The format is recognizable and is explicitly advertised on the website and collected in a separate section.
  4. BACK TO SCHOOL: Awareness Rising in schools like bspw. Participation in the internal fair at the HTL Kaindorf. Further possible similar events are still to be researched and will be played together with AO (HR & Training).
  5. DISSEMINATION/COMMUNITY: activities in this area include the white paper requested by NXP, as well as the campaign for the EU-DSGVO (includes website content between March and May by cluster specialist Stefan Kraxberger (secinto) and a Hand-on Workshop) and the campaigns according to CPs planning (Cyber Security Special in September). The work package is rounded off by a partner satisfaction survey.


Stefan Mangard (TU Graz), Executive Sponsor

Manfred Aigner (Yagoba), Industry Co-Chair

Christian Hanser (Infineon), Security Research Funding

Mario Lamberger (NXP), Industry Security Training

Herwig Zeiner (Joanneum Research), Collaboration CFG Cyber Security – CFG RFID Coordinator

Stefan Kraxberger (secinto), Certification and Network Security

Daniel Slamanig (AIT), Cloud Security

Günther Lackner (SAC), Strategic Alliances


The first results are expected in the second quarter of 2018!

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