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“Carinthia and Styria are important industrial locations with significant competencies and know-how in the fields of automation technology, mechanical engineering and plant construction, IT and production.”

In recent times, manufacturing companies have been confronted with the opportunities and challenges of the new wave of industrialization (Industry 4.o). Its most important features are the worldwide networking of machines, storage systems and equipment (to be understood as Cyber-Physical Systems or CPS) and the new production logic based on intelligent, clearly identifiable and localizable products. Ideally, this should lead to the creation of new business models, or at least extend the company’s own value chain and/or save costs. In addition, additive manufacturing – the process for the rapid and cost-effective production of models, prototypes, tools and end products – is gaining in importance.

The increasing demands on agile and reliable production are associated with many technical and human challenges. These require proactive coordination within the framework of exciting and beneficial networking activities.


The cluster focus group Advanced Manufacturing pursues the goal of creating, establishing and further developing a lively exchange and innovation arena for cluster companies and research institutions.

It was created in cooperation with the AT Styria Platform ‘Automatisierungstechnik’ as part of a thematically relevant cooperation event: SpotLight on Automatisierungstechnik(Silicon Alps and ATStyria) on Oct. 3rd, 2018.

The two organisations took over all organisational activities and supported the group in implementing the planned cooperation activities.


Fleshback: Smart Manufacturing Stream in # LetsCluster.

26-27 March, Messecongress Graz

The LetsCluster Conference (26-27.03.2019) included a series of 17 expert talks in the field of smart manufacturing. The sessions were organized in close cooperation with AT Styria, Silicon Saxony and Platform Industry 4.0. Following topics were covered: general trends in fabs, production and process technologies, advanced materials, digitization of production, and sensitive automation. Among the speakers were many level representatives of  Silicon Alps companies such as the WILD Group, Flex, TDK-Electronics, DERWID, MCL, PCCL, Siemens AG, PILZ and Joanneum Robotics. We proudly highlight the participation of national and international speakers coming from the cooperation clusters Silicon Saxony and AT Styria: Magna Steyr, AIS Automation Dresden,  ZigPos, EVON, 3D Micromac and charismaTec. Warm thanks to the moderators of the sessions: Roland Sommer (Platform Industry 4.0), Udo Traussnigg (FH Campus 02), Elke Kraker (MCL) and Yvonne Sammer.


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Executive Sponsor (Academia): Prof. Dr. Udo Traussnigg, FH CAMPUS 02, Automatisierunstechnik

Prof. Dr. Adrian Boese Karl Frazens Universität Graz
Dr. Robert Winkler ZFE- Zentrum für Elektronenmikroskopie Graz
Patricia Puschnik ANDRITZ AG
Eric Paierl Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH
Oliver Hohnhold, MSc Autoforce
Markus Moser Axtesys OG
Dr. Christian Kittl EVOLARIS next level GmbH
Dr. Wolfgang Sattler PMS Elektro- und Automationstechnik GmbH
Dr. Mihaela Albu ZFE- Zentrum für Elektronenmikroskopie Graz
DI Heimo Reicher VESCON Systemtechnik GmbH
Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Dietmar Rafolt Edera Safety GmbH & Co KG
Ing. Dieter Hufnagel Pilz Ges.m.b.H. Austria
Jörg Pessl Pilz Ges.m.b.H. Austria
DI Dr. Manfred Mücke Materials Center Leoben
Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing.(FH) Gerald Hirschmann evon GmbH
Heinz Cramer LAM Research
Horst Exenberger Derwid
Gerhard Moser TCM Systems
Prof. Roland Willmann FH Kärnten
Dipl.- Ing. Andreas Leitner evon GmbH
Dipl.-Ing. Werner Wild WILDPOWER GmbH
Christoph Gratl MCL



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Proposed fields of action

Priorities for 2019:

  • Where do you find new technologies early on – technology radar?
  • Who helps to evaluate whether a technology is interesting for one’s own company?
  • At the enterprise level, how do you find potential partner companies that already have experience with a particular technology?


Proposed fields of action

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